Shanghai, May 18: Yuyaun Gardens and Bazaar


The Yuyaun Gardens and Bazaar would have been a lot more interesting if it hadn’t been raining constantly. To avoid the rain we spent our time in the bazaar, leaving the extensive gardens and other sights for another trip.


The shops of the bazaar were full of souvenir items and arts, and we enjoyed good natured haggling (expected here) with the merchants. This is where I purchased the two leather shadow art figures shown on the May 16 pages.


After a couple of hours of shopping in the bazaar it was dark (below), and time to have dinner at one of the well known dumpling restaurants in the complex (below right).



Walking in rain

Huxingting Teahouse and Nine-Turns Zigzag Bridge, which protects it from evil spirits (because they can't turn corners).