Shanghai, May 18: Qingliange Auction House


After lunch we made a company visit to the Qingliange Auction House, which conducts regular auctions of many kinds of goods, but particularly fine arts. Below, one of their executives describes some of the considerations involved in appraising and describing art objects such as the old painted scroll being held up.


After the presentation we looked at some of the items collected for the next auction, and Llani became interested in the antique silk garment she is examining at right. She subsequently attended the Saturday (May 20) auction and bid for the item, but dropped out when the bidding got too high.


Looking at art
Llani shopping


Speaking of silk, while looking around the Yu Gardens Bazaar (next page), we saw the machine in the picture at right through a store window. It was not operating, and no one was present, but the machine is of the type used for making silk thread from silkworm pupae. There were exhibits nearby showing how silk is made as well as a number of silk items including the beautiful embroidered silk robe seen here.