Xi'an, May 16: On the City Wall and Around Town


On the City Wall

Late in the afternoon I climbed onto the city wall (built in 1370) from stairs at the South City Gate. It was hot, and there weren't many people up there, but some galleries and souvenir shops were operating, and there were interesting views of Xi'an streets and houses from the wall.


Building on the City Wall
Building on the City Wall


Street scene
Street with traffic
Street with traffic


Xi'an: Around Town


Bell tower

Bell Tower

Coffee steak

Coffee steak with black pepper, anyone?

Atrium of shopping center

Everything's up to date in Xi'an. This is the atrium of the city center shopping mall.

Muslim quarter
Muslim quarter

Street scenes in the Muslim Quarter


Bell tower at night
Drum tower at night

Bell Tower (left) and Drum Tower (right) at night.